2012 Responsive Theme

Wednesday February 22, 2012 News

This year's redesign is a special one.  For the first time the site is really mobile friendly and responsive at that.  This is also the first time that DaBrook does not have current course materials, since it's my first year since starting DaBrook not being in a classroom.  

Due to the shift in my work, the focus of dabrook is now more on web design curriculum and resources for other web educators than it is for current web students.  Old courses are still archived, and online courses with quizes, assignments, and badges will be coming in the future, but for now here is what we have with the new responsive 2012 theme.


The new look is a little more mature, since it's catered to web educators.  The header of the site is also now sporting a rather large advertisement for the Student Web Hosting Company, which is a for-profit partner of DaBrook.org.

I tihnk that the new design met my goals to make DaBrook look a bit more professional than fun and have more static resources for educations like curriculum, as opposed to current course content.