Careers in the Field of Web Design

Friday December 9, 2011 Events In the Classroom

Big thanks to Mr. Stephen Sell for inviting me to come talk to his web design students at Clarksburg High School.  After discussing a few possible topics together, I settled on tackling a few topics in one presentation:

  1. Steps in building a web site
  2. Jobs in the field
  3. How much money you can make
  4. Work in the field I have done

I think it all came together well in the presentation below:

I have to say that since taking a hiatus from the classroom, I have enjoyed the break.  Teaching is a lot of work. But it is also so rewarding! Being around young people excited about doing creative work on the web is one of the best feelings ever.  Thanks again to Mr. Sell and the web students at Clarksburg High School for having me!