Student Web Conference now FREE

Tuesday March 23, 2010

New ticket pricing

Here are the new tickets available for the conference:

  • FREE Ticket - This gets you a badge and access to all of the presentations.  It does not include lunch, t-shirt, or buttons.
  • PAID Ticket - This gets you a cooler badge, access to the presentations, a t-shirt, buttons, and a pizza lunch.
  • Workshop Ticket - 30 lucky students can register for a 2 hour workshop on how to build a fully functional web site using Wordpress. 

Why the change?

We wanted to remove as many barriers to entry for any students who wanted to come.  Originally we charged for the event because we wanted to print t-shirt, buttons, and provide lunch.  That is still going to happen but a lot of students were deciding not to come because of the money.  So, we introduced the free ticket with no frills to try to encourage them to at least come and learn.

We also removed the different types of tickets—student, teacher, guest—and are just offering a free and paid ticket.  One and all, if you’re a student of the web or interested in hearing their take on it, we want you here!