How to teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTTP, FTP, and PHP in One Week

Friday March 4, 2011 In the Classroom Tutorials Videos

I recently had the opportunity to teach two groups of High School Computer Science 1 students a one week unit on the web.  In a hope to give them a flavor of a little bit of everything we covered a different topic or language each day. Below you will find the video tutorials I created to cover the lab part of the classes. 


Drawing on the board showing all the languages we learned.

Overall it was a fun experience and really got me thinking about how to make mini web units for young students that introduced them to the major web languages and concepts.  I would love to try to teach it again, and if any teachers have an opportunity to do such a mini unit, please let me know... I'd love to collaborate!

Day 1: How to Steal a Web Site

Day 2: HTML

Day 3: CSS

Day 4: JavaScript

Day 5: jQuery

Day 6: HTTP and FTP

Day 7: PHP

The Take Away

After doing this mini unit I really feel like anyone can learn the basics of web design.  Often times we limit the introduction to web design to just learning HTML and CSS, but I think that we should expand it to include JavaScript and jQuery as well as a little PHP.

I'd encourage you to check out the five day series we did in the Web Design class on learning JavaScript and jQuery in a Week (this will take you to the first day then just click through to see the rest).