Presentation from WordCamp Orlando 2012

Saturday December 1, 2012 Events

Today I had the honor of presenting at the awesome WordCamp Orlando 2012.  The talk I gave was called "An Overview of the WordPress Control Panel and Recommended Settings."

I focused mostly on the following topics:

  1. Recommended Settings

  2. Admin area overview

  3. Customize the admin area

You can check out my slides in this awesome widget from

The questions from the audiance were really good and ranged from questions about some specific settings, like Discussion Settings, as well as how and why to customize the admin area.  After the presentation a few people mentioned to me how new they were to WordPress, so next time I will take more time going over what the major pages do.

Overall everything went smooth, but of course I forgot to upload my demo site online so when I wasn't able to use my local machine (apparently only worked for the advanced track presenters) and some of the demos weren't already up and running.

If you attended the event, I would love to have your feedback on how I can improve the talk for next time!