2010-2011 Design Has Launched

Wednesday September 15, 2010

The 2010-2011 redesign is finally complete.  This one took a long time and was probably the largest overhaul of DaBrook I've done in the last few years. 

Here are a few things I'm particularly proud of:

  1. It's running on EE2 and hosted with EngineHosting
  2. It has really cool print stylesheets for individual classes
  3. The about page features a great illustration of me from Susan Meyer
  4. DaBrook finally has a resources section
  5. Testimonials from previous students

There is also a lot I have left to do:

  • RSS Feeds
  • Transfer over old articles
  • Build the lite version of the site
  • Upgrade my gradebook module from EE1 to 2
  • Add webucator network links

Hopefully folks like the design of the site.  I wanted to keep some of the school themed elements from the last design but also make the site look a little more high scale and not so "kiddie."  I used the 960 grid system for the site because I wanted to be able to quickly create new custom page layouts.

The Old and New Design

Screenshot of the old site


Screenshot of the new site


Overall, I'm quite happy with the new site and glad it's live.  If you miss the old site or want to find old content, you can still visit it here.