Required Listening is Back Online with a New Direction

Friday February 7, 2014 News Videos

I enjoy recording a regular web show and look back foundly on the days of recording Required Listening with Kyle Cotter.  Boy did we have some good times.  I did a couple episodes (not all of which made it online) after he graduated, but once I started teaching at Treehouse, the show stopped.  Recording content at Treehouse has kept me super busy, but now that I'm in a good flow of producing content though, I'm feeling called back to publishing my own show.

Required Listening Show

The new format is purely roundup style.  I'll talk about the latest releases from all the online sites teaching web design and development.  This of course includes the big ones like Treehouse, Code School and Lynda, but I also want to introduce many of the other awesome online learning sites out there.

Check out the latest episode, a short 7 minute welcome back episode, where I introduce some of the sites I'll be following.