Results from the Robot Fashion Show

Monday October 11, 2010 In the Classroom

This year I started teaching a robotics programming course at Springbrook High School.  Since the students started building the robots before they learned how to program them, we decided to have a little fashion show to show off what everyone had accomplished.  The students put out all of their robots then voted on their 3 favorite (and 3 least favorite) robots.

Congrats to everyone on a great job! (Except the last group)

The Winners

The winners are listed in order of period 1,2, and 4

Winners from Period 1

Winners from period 2

Winners from period 4


The Losers

Most of the losers did not want their photograph taken.  The period 4 losers actually asked to have their photo taken, so here they are!

Losers from period 4