The Mini-Series, “A Word From The Pros” Episode 1: Breaking The Mold

Friday November 20, 2009 Reviews Videos

The Series

First off, I want to thank Mr. Gordon for allowing me to blog on Dabrook. It is a wonderful privilege and I hope my posts are as high quality as Mr. Gordon's. In the "A Word From the Pros" mini-series, I will be showing interviews that I have gotten from various influential people in the web community. I hope to publish new content about every other Friday. I have a stellar line up of speakers that have some great advice for young upcoming web designers.

About Me

If you don't know me, I am Kyle Cotter and I am one of Mr. Gordon's students. I attended FOWD with Mr. Gordon along with three other awesome web design students. I am currently working on a "top secret" project that I plan on launching Jan. 1, 2010. You can find my latest updates on twitter at @CotterWebDesign.

The Big Q

So for each interview we asked this question: "What advice do you have for young web designers who are trying to make their way in the field?". We hope all the interviews help all you young web designers.

Who is Elliot Jay Stocks?

Elliot is a designer, an illustrator, a speaker, and an author. Occasionally, he's been known to wear the ‘musician’ hat, too. He is the one who wrote the book "Sexy Web Design" from Sitepoint (which Mr. Gordon has used in class). He is a great guy and can be found at his main site and on Twitter (@elliotjaystocks).

Who is Mike Kus?

Mike Kus is a Graphic & Web Designer. He lives in the City of Bath, UK and works at the awesome web company Carsonified. You can view all his awesome work over at The things we make and if you're interested in what he does you can follow him on Twitter (@mikekus).

The Video

What's Next

Interview with Dan Cederholm on advice for web design students.