The Mini-Series, “A Word From The Pros” Episode 2: Go Blog!

Tuesday December 1, 2009

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The Big Q

So for each interview we asked this question: "What advice do you have for young web designers who are trying to make their way in the field?". We hope all the interviews help all you young web designers.

Who is Dan Cederholm?

A designer, author, speaker, husband and father living in Salem, Massachusetts. Dan is the Founder and Principal of SimpleBits, LLC, a tiny web design studio. He is the author of three popular books: Handcrafted CSS (New Riders), Bulletproof Web Design (New Riders) and Web Standards Solutions (Friends of ED). Dan also runs the popular weblog SimpleBits, where he writes articles and commentary on the web, technology and life.

The Video

What's Next?

Interview with Derek Featherstone with advice on accessibility.