The New WordPress Teacher at Treehouse

Monday August 6, 2012 News

After a year sabatical from teaching, where I worked as a UI designer for the world's largest learning management software, Blackboard, I am excited to announce my return to full time web education.  The company I am now working for is Treehouse, an awesome online learning site from Ryan Carson.  They offer videos on web design, development, iOS and Andriod, design, business, and accounting with a lot more to come.  

I will be working as the WordPress teacher.  For those who know me as an ExpressionEngine guy, don't worry,  I will still be involved with the EE community and who knows, maybe there will be EE videos available down the road..

If you do not currently have a Treehouse account I would suggest signing up for a month and seeing all the awesome videos, quizes and badges available.  Students can get an account for just $9!

My vist WordPress videos should be coming out before the year, so watch @dabrooktweets and @treehouse for updates as that time arrives.