What the graffiti means at the bottom of DaBrook

Tuesday November 3, 2009


Some Background

I used to do a lot of tagging and the practice has influenced my handwriting ever since middle school.  I can write “normal,” but all of my students can probably attest to the fact that I like to write with a more scripted style.

For years I have wanted to make my writing into an actual font.  Hasn’t happened yet.  However, with this redesign, I wanted to take the “math” idea from the footer on the last design and step it up a bit.  This time we have more than just a simple addition equation.  We’ve got some real math here.  Hand written in my handwriting of course.

So what does it mean?

The Current (and Previous) Design

On the chance you don’t want to scroll to the bottom of the page, here is the current footer for DaBrook.org:

Graffiti styled footer

And in case you’re new to DaBrook, here is the previous footer:

The old footer design with simpler math

Solving for DaBrook.org

I thought the math equation was a cool way to show different features, tools, etc. that I use on the site.  I like reading them on other people’s site, and in the spirit of open education, I thought I would share some info about what runs DaBrook.  No better way than a math equation.

So here is what it reads in English:
DaBrook.org is equal to all of my knowledge from reading articles blogs and other resources on the web, powered with ease by the use of ExpressionEngine, plus the use of some jQuery, multiplied by the heroic support of Liquid Web Hosting, all lying on top of the 960 CSS framework.

I know this is not a perfect mathematical equation of how I run and power DaBrook, but it’s clever, no?


At the time of writing, I am reading the following RSS feeds (download as an xml document that you can upload to Google Reader or another RSS reader).


If you have not experienced the most flexible web publishing tool around, it’s time to get on board.  EE2 will drop by the end of this year, and you want to be a part of it!

I heart EE, and came to it originally to have more control over DaBrook, which used to run on WordPress.


Um, yeah.  I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the JavaScript framework jQuery, right?

Liquid Web Hosting

If you are looking for outstanding support from your hosting company, look no further.  DaBrook.org runs on one of their basic VPN hosting solutions.  I have been with Liquid Web longer than any other hosting provider and don’t have a reason to leave.

FYI: if you are still on the 3 dollars a month budget, they aren’t for you.  If you care about your hosting, and the support you get (especially via phone), call them up and talk to someone who can actually solve your problem.

960.gs CSS Grid Framework

I like the 960 framework, although I only use a small portion of it.  Check out my article on how to slim down the 960.gs framework for your specific design.