Get the Scoop On the Speakers

  • Zac Gordon


    Webucator and freelancer Zac Gordon continues to teach his students the latest web standards. He runs, his webucation resource, and also owns Wide Sky Web, his web development company. He teaches at Springbrook High School, and at local community colleges, including Montgomery College, and CDIA just to name a couple. Owning his own company means he has to stay up to date with the latest web trends, therefore making him a perfect teacher for the web. You can learn more about Zac at

    The State of Webucation

  • Jim Doran


    Jim Doran is a software engineer at Johns Hopkins University, where he blogs, designs and develops Web sites. He also teaches people how to design and make Web sites at the community college of Baltimore County. Jim is a technical editor for O'Reilly media, where he has contributed to WordPress and jQuery books. Jim's professional interests center around open source software and projects like WordPress, Moodle, PHP and jQuery. Jim is also deeply interested in art, and has used the Web to participate in exhibitions, get published and promote his work. He is a volunteer docent at the American Visionary Art Museum, and inventor of the world's largest circus peanut.

    Building Your Brand on the Web

  • Jeff Brown


    Jeffrey Brown is an Assistant Principal at Richard Montgomery High School. He has taught web related courses for the past 5 years at the secondary and higher ed level. As a member of the Web Standards Project and The Open Web Education Alliance he works to reform the web design and development classrooms by connecting students and teachers with real and relevant curriculum and teaching practices.

    The Power of HTML5 and CSS3

  • Kyle Cotter


    Student, freelancer and ExpressionEngine EllisLab enthusiast, Kyle Cotter continues to push the web to the limits. Kyle curates the site EE Hash, which serves as the news stream for the ExpressionEngine community. It has been widely recognized by people in the ExpressionEngine community, and serves as a major resource to them. Kyle also runs the Required Listening Podcast with Zac Gordon, as they discuss the latest web news and offer tips to students. He truly is a living example of what good webucation can bring. You can view all his work at

    The World of Dynamic Sites

  • Chester Lam


    Chester is part of Silver Chips online, the official magazine for Blair High School. He is back again to talk to us on how to keep your site flowing with new content.

    Keeping It Alive - Maintaining A Web Site

  • Susan Meyer


    Susan Meyer is a talented designer and illustrator. She currently lives in Maryland, and works in DC. When she's not sketching or making words and boxes line up correctly, she can be found knitting, riding the Metro's red line, or watching zombie movies. She loves indie and folk music, horror films, tamagoyaki, William Faulkner, French bulldogs, and any shade of chartreuse.

    Designing Your Online Presence

  • John Brougher


    John Brougher serves as Editor at Envato and is a communications/new media consultant. John’s been working with technology and communications for years, and has a passion for technology, new media and marketing. Previously working as a Regional Field Director for Jill Long Thompson’s campaign for governor, John has served as a speaker for conferences and panels and emceed numerous events, from fashion shows to cultural events. He has been selected three times by the China Care Foundation to emcee benefit fundraising dinners, raising money to support orphans in China.

    How to Properly Communicate With Clients

  • Dan Philibin


    There isn't enough room to say what Dan has accomplished. Dan is only a junior in high school, he is a web developer, specializing in WordPress based sites. Due to his passion for WordPress, he is the co-owner of WPCoder, a service that takes static designs and converts them into WordPress themes.

    Learning From the Past

  • Tom Osborne


    Tom Osborne is a Design Director at Viget Labs a DC-based interactive agency. Viget has been designing and developing web and mobile stuff for start-ups, non-profits, and big brands since 1999. Learn more at

    What to Look For In an Intern


Once again, the Student Web Conference will be located it the Springbrook High School Auditorium. Easily reachable to anyone in the immediate Metro area.

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