Web Design

This introductory course teaches design, html, css, flash and basic business skills

The Classes

  1. Fri 06.3.11 Finishing Your Interactive Web Site with Flash Finish building an interactive web site with Flash
  2. Thu 06.2.11 Building an Interactive Web Site with Flash Start building an interactive web site with Flash
  3. Wed 06.1.11 Animated Buttons and Movie Clips Lean how to animate buttons and movie clips in Flash
  4. Tue 05.31.11 Movie Clips in Flash Lean how to make movei clips in Flash
  5. Mon 05.30.11 Buttons in Flash Lean how to make buttons in Flash
  6. Fri 05.27.11 Dynamic and Input Text Lean how to work with dynamic and input text in Flash
  7. Thu 05.26.11 Static Text Lean how to work with static text in Flash
  8. Wed 05.25.11 Masks and Motion Tweens with Text Lean how to use masks and motion tweens with text in Flash
  9. Tue 05.24.11 Motion Guides Lean how to use motion guides for Flash animations
  10. Mon 05.23.11 Motion Tweens Lean how to work with simple motion tweens in Flash
  11. Fri 05.20.11 Symbols in Flash Use symbols in Flash to improve your animations.
  12. Thu 05.19.11 Key Frame Animation, Keyframes, and Shape Hints in Flash Apply basic animation using keyframes, tweens, and shape hints.
  13. Wed 05.18.11 Keyframes and Testing a Movie in Flash Understand what keyframes on and how they work as well as how to test a video in Flash.
  14. Tue 05.17.11 Timeline Theory and Frames per Second in Flash Understand the basic fundamentals of the Flash timeline as well as frames per second.
  15. Mon 05.16.11 Working with multiple objects, color, and gradients in Flash Edit and work with multiple objects, and learn how to work with color and gradients in Flash.
  16. Fri 05.13.11 The Lasso Tool and Modifying Shapes in Flash Use the lasso tool to select content and learn how to modify shapes in Flash
  17. Thu 05.12.11 The Freetransform Tool and the Brush Tool in Flash Learn how to use the free transform and the brush tool in Flash.
  18. Wed 05.11.11 The Pen and Oval Tool in Flash Learn how to use the oval tool and highly used Pen tool.
  19. Tue 05.10.11 The Pencil Tool and Lines in Flash Learn how to use the pencil tool and manipulate lines in Flash.
  20. Mon 05.9.11 Introduction to Flash for Web Designers Learn what Flash is and how to use it.
  21. Mon 03.21.11 PHP Contact Forms for Designers (Part 2) Make our contact form PHP more secure
  22. Wed 03.16.11 PHP Contact Forms for Designers (Part 1) Send an email from a contact form using PHP
  23. Tue 03.15.11 Start Working on New Client Projects Begin designing the new site for your client
  24. Mon 03.14.11 Choose Clients for Next Project Choose a good potential client and contact them about building a web site for them
  25. Mon 03.7.11 Gallery Walk of Portfolio Sites Show off their work with a portfolio site on their welovewebdesign.com account
  26. Fri 02.25.11 Contact a Potential Client Reach out to a potential client and send them a link to your site
  27. Tue 02.22.11 Start Working on Personal Portfolio Sites Develop a site that shows off their work for potential clients.
  28. Thu 02.17.11 Simple Slideshow with jQuery Rotate images using jQuery
  29. Wed 02.16.11 Validate Your Forms with jQuery Validate your a contact form using the jQuery library and jQuery validation plugin.
  30. Tue 02.15.11 Introduction to jQuery Use the jQuery document ready function to have an alert box popup a message after the page load
  31. Mon 02.14.11 Introduction to JavaScript Create a popup alert box in the browser using the JavaScript alert function
  32. Thu 02.10.11 Add Forms to Fancy Form Tumblr Account Upload a screenshot and .zip file of your contact form to our Tumblr account
  33. Tue 02.8.11 Continue Working on Contact Forms Show progress on the design of your contact form
  34. Thu 02.3.11 Design Contact Form for Java Students Design an form with HTML and CSS that one of the robotics students can learn to use PHP
  35. Wed 02.2.11 Background Images and Forms Use CSS to add background images to our forms
  36. Tue 02.1.11 Styling Our Contact Forms Style a simple contact form using CSS3
  37. Mon 01.31.11 HTML Contact Form Code an HTML contact form using the form, label, input, and textarea elements
  38. Tue 01.25.11 Form Inspiration Find cool and well designed forms
  39. Thu 01.20.11 Midterm Exam Lab Demonstrate their understanding of using HTML and CSS to create a web page with a 2 column layout
  40. Mon 01.3.11 Catch Up Day! Today we will make sure we have our PNG to HTML projects done and discuss final projects for the year.
  41. Wed 12.22.10 Build a Site with Fireworks and CSS Use your web design skills to convert your mockup to HTML and CSS.
  42. Tue 12.21.10 Complete Your Design in Fireworks Use your design skills to complete your sites in Fireworks
  43. Mon 12.20.10 Design a Site with Horizontal Navigation Use our graphic design skills to create a web site in Fireworks that has horizontal navigation.
  44. Wed 12.15.10 Complete the Listutorial Exercises Use CSS to style a horizontal menu
  45. Tue 12.14.10 Start working through the Listutorial Examples Use the listutorial web site to learn more about styling lists.
  46. Mon 12.13.10 Horizontal Navigation with CSS Use display block and floats to create a horizontal navigation menu
  47. Mon 12.13.10 Block and Inline Level Link Change the display property for a link
  48. Fri 12.10.10 Freelance Friday! Use your design and coding skills to further your Freelancing career
  49. Thu 12.9.10 Final Day for Converting Mockups to HTML/CSS Use the videos from the last few days to complete converting your site from a mockup to working web site
  50. Wed 12.8.10 Convert Final Mockup to HTML/CSS Use what we've learned with HTML and CSS to convert our mockup to code.
  51. Tue 12.7.10 Make Our 2 Column Layouts in Fireworks Look Better Add header images, text, and other design elements to our mockups
  52. Mon 12.6.10 Convert Basic 2 Column Layout to CSS Use HTML and CSS to convert our basic 2 column layout to CSS
  53. Mon 12.6.10 Design a Two Column Site in Firework Use Fireworks to design a 2 column site that easily converts to HTML and CSS
  54. Thu 12.2.10 Design a Two Column Layout in Fireworks Use your firework skills to design a two column layout like your CSS two column layout.
  55. Tue 11.30.10 Floatutorial Day 2 Continue working through the floatutorial examples to learn how floats and clears are used for web site positioning
  56. Mon 11.29.10 Floatutorial Part 1 Use the Floatutorials to solidify the basics of floating images
  57. Tue 11.23.10 Simple Float Layouts with CSS Use CSS floats to create a simple floated 2-column layout
  58. Mon 11.22.10 Floats with CSS Use CSS floats to control the layout of our web pages
  59. Thu 11.18.10 Using margin and padding Understand how margin and padding are used
  60. Wed 11.17.10 Repeating Background Images in CSS Use the CSS background position property to control tiling background images
  61. Tue 11.16.10 Background Images with CSS Use CSS to add and control background images for elements on a page
  62. Mon 11.15.10 Borders and Background Colors Use CSS to change the background colors and borders of HTML elements
  63. Fri 11.12.10 Freelance Friday Use your graphic design and web design skills to build your Freelance career
  64. Thu 11.11.10 Index Pages Create index.html pages to serve as tables of contents to the sites we make.
  65. Wed 11.10.10 Styling Links with CSS Use CSS to style links in their four states
  66. Tue 11.9.10 Introduction to CSS Use CSS to style the text on our web sites
  67. Mon 11.8.10 Images on Web Sites Add images to a web page using HTML
  68. Fri 11.5.10 Freelance Friday Use your web design skills to further your Freelance career
  69. Thu 11.4.10 HTML Lists and Links Create HTML lists and links on our web pages.
  70. Wed 11.3.10 Introduction to HTML and File Structure Use HTML to create a basic web page with headers and paragraphs
  71. Fri 10.29.10 Freelance Friday Use your design skills to improve your Freelance career
  72. Wed 10.27.10 Work on Pages for Client Project Move on from the home page design to work on the other page designs in Fireworks
  73. Tue 10.26.10 Work on Fictional Client Mockups Continue working in Fireworks making the wireframes look like the final sites.
  74. Mon 10.25.10 Start Designing Fictional Sites in Firework Transfer our wireframes from Mockingbird into Fireworks
  75. Fri 10.22.10 Freelance Friday Use the skills we have learned to further your freelance career.
  76. Tue 10.19.10 Continue Working on Wireframes Use Go Mockingbird to design mockups for your business site.
  77. Mon 10.18.10 Wireframe Business Sites with Mockingbird Use mockingbird to create sitemaps for your client site.
  78. Thu 10.14.10 Freelance Friday Use your branding skills to design branding for local businesses.
  79. Tue 10.12.10 Continue Editing Your Content Create a consistent message throughout all of your content
  80. Mon 10.11.10 Content Strategy Use the principals of content strategy to edit the content for your fictitious sites
  81. Fri 10.8.10 Freelance Friday Apply your web design skills to freelancing.
  82. Thu 10.7.10 Complete Content for Ficticious Sites Work in your groups to complete all of the content for your web sites
  83. Wed 10.6.10 Create Content for 1 Ficticious Site Have a word document with all content for the site you sitemaped yesterday
  84. Tue 10.5.10 Sitemaps for Business Web Sites Create a sitemap with your group for 3 of the 4 businesses.
  85. Fri 10.1.10 Business Card Gallery Walk Pick your favorite business cards in the class a write a critique saying what you like with the card and why
  86. Thu 09.30.10 Last Day to Work on Business Cards Complete your digital designs of the business cards
  87. Wed 09.29.10 Start Digitizing Your Business Cards Digitize the sketches for your business cards for the four businesses
  88. Tue 09.28.10 Start Sketching Business Cards Sketch a design for a fictitious company
  89. Mon 09.27.10 Business Cards for Businesses Design branding and business cards for a variety of businesses
  90. Fri 09.24.10 Freelance Friday Use their graphic design skills to design branding
  91. Thu 09.23.10 Start Designing Your Business Cards Design a business card for their freelance web business or other skill
  92. Wed 09.22.10 Business Card Inspiration Day Collect examples of inspiring business cards
  93. Tue 09.21.10 Typography for the Web Use typography to improve their personal branding
  94. Mon 09.20.10 Introduction to Typography Choose appropriate typefaces for different business
  95. Fri 09.17.10 Freelance Friday Demonstrate their branding skills by working on their own projects
  96. Thu 09.16.10 Create Branding for School Create branding for Springbrook High School
  97. Wed 09.15.10 Continue Digitizing Your Personal Brand Create a digital version of their brand using Fireworks
  98. Mon 09.13.10 Digitizing Your Brand Create a digital version of your personal brand
  99. Fri 09.10.10 Freelance Friday Identify major podcasts to aid young freelancers
  100. Wed 09.8.10 Creating Your Own Brand Create your own brand with a logo and typeface

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