Midterm Exam Lab

Thu, Jan 20, 2011


Demonstrate their understanding of using HTML and CSS to create a web page with a 2 column layout


  1. Take the multiple choice portion of the exam.  Make sure to point out any outdated questions.

  2. Create a new folder in your web-design folder named "midterm" and create a file in it named "lastname-firstname.html"

  3. Follow the rubric provided for the details

  4. Save your file to the hand-in folder


5Create a new html file with your first and last name
10Divide the page into a header, sidebar, maincontent, and footer
10Create a graphic for the header and apply it as a background image
5Create a vertical navigation in your sidebar
5Style the navigation to change on hover
10Add an h1 in the main content followed by some introduction text
10Add an image floated to the right inside the maincontent section
10Add copyright information, a link to dabrook, and the name of your web design business in the footer