Web Development

This advanced survey course starts with semantic markup and moves through advanced CSS, front and back-end programming, and intro to CMSes

The Classes

  1. Wed 05.25.11 Add a lightbox to a CSS3 image gallery Start with a CSS3 image gallery and add a lightbox to it
  2. Tue 05.24.11 Create a lightbox video popup with Fancybox Learn how to work with another jquery lightbox, called Fancybox
  3. Mon 05.23.11 A Simple jQuery Lightbox Learn how to work with the original, and simplist lightbox for jquery.
  4. Wed 05.18.11 Another, cooler jQuery image rotator Create a more advanced image and content rotator using jQuery
  5. Tue 05.17.11 Making an Automated Slideshow with jQuery Create an auto advancing slideshow using jQuery.
  6. Fri 05.13.11 Drop Down Menu with JavaScript and jQuery Create a styled drop down menu using JavaScript and jQuery.
  7. Thu 05.12.11 Password Checker with JavaScript Build a password checker with JavaScript that judges the complexity of the password for hackability.
  8. Wed 05.11.11 JavaScript Functions and Events Follow the next two (and last) videos on JavaScript and learn arrays, functions and events.
  9. Tue 05.10.11 JavaScript Data Types and Conditional Statements Identify the basic data types and conditional statements in the JavaScript language
  10. Mon 05.9.11 JavaScript - From Null to Know it All Browse through the JavaScript series we will be doing over the next next.
  11. Thu 04.14.11 How to Add jQuery to a Web page Learn how to link to jQuery to a web page.
  12. Tue 04.12.11 How to Add JavaScript to a Web Page In this introductory video we look at how to add JavaScript to a page and use the alert function.
  13. Thu 03.10.11 Upload WordPress to New Server Upload the backed up files to the new server location
  14. Wed 03.9.11 How to Backup WordPress Files and Database Successfully backup the files and database for a WordPress site
  15. Tue 03.8.11 Learn How to Migrate WordPress Transfer a development WordPress site to a live server
  16. Mon 02.28.11 Work on the Web Development Portfolio Site Get the portfolio site for the class projects online on the development server
  17. Wed 02.23.11 Work on Portfolio Site for Web Dev Business Choose a theme that would work well to show case work the Springbrook Web Program has done
  18. Fri 02.18.11 Get in Touch with Clients Catch up on your client work so that you have something to send them showing them your progress
  19. Tue 02.15.11 Send Email with PHP after Form Validation Send the email after the form has been validated
  20. Mon 02.14.11 Better PHP Contact Form Validation Display the values that the user entered into the form and add a required message if the field was left blank.
  21. Wed 02.9.11 PHP Contact Form Validation Validate a basic contact form with PHP.
  22. Mon 02.7.11 PHP Forms Use the GET and POST methods to set form data as PHP variables
  23. Fri 02.4.11 Freelance Friday! Follow up with clients about the current status of the projects
  24. Tue 02.1.11 PHP Loops Loop through an array using different PHP loops
  25. Mon 12.13.10 Continue working on client projects Use your WordPress skills to create
  26. Mon 11.29.10 Continue Working on WP E-Commerce Themes Continue working on your themes for your e-commerce sites.
  27. Mon 11.22.10 Build a WP-Ecommerce theme from Scratch Follow a tutorial to create a theme for a WP-Ecommerce site
  28. Tue 11.16.10 Build a Store with E-Commerce Get familiar with how to use WP E-Commerce
  29. Mon 11.15.10 Introduce the E-Commerce Project Use the WP E-commerce plugin to create and products for sale to your site
  30. Fri 11.12.10 Freelance Friday Use your web dev skills to build your freelance career
  31. Thu 11.11.10 Finish Client Example Sites Use your mad WordPress skills to finish your designs for the WordPress example sites
  32. Wed 11.10.10 Start Styling Client Site Use your massive design skills to style your client example sites
  33. Tue 11.9.10 Start Working on Client Projects Use your WordPress skills to install a fresh WordPress install
  34. Thu 11.4.10 Display Custom Post Types in WordPress Templates Get custom post types to display in the sidebar of your sites.
  35. Wed 11.3.10 Custom Post Types in WordPress Use a custom post types plugin to add custom posts to your web site
  36. Wed 10.27.10 Meet to discuss final project Discuss the final project for the first quarter
  37. Tue 10.26.10 Integrate Search into WordPress Themes Add search functionality to your blog
  38. Fri 10.22.10 Freelance Friday Use your web skills to build your freelance career
  39. Wed 10.20.10 Loop Quiz Demonstrate your understanding of the parts of the WordPress Loop
  40. Wed 10.20.10 Introduction to Design Patterns Today we learn how design patterns can help us build easy to use sites.
  41. Tue 10.19.10 Comments Template in WordPress Today we will add the comments.php file to our code.
  42. Mon 10.18.10 Custom Queries with WordPress Demonstrate how to use the custom query in WordPress.
  43. Thu 10.14.10 Freelance Friday Apply your web development skills toward freelancing projects
  44. Tue 10.12.10 WordPress Time, Author, Content, Tags, Categorie and Prev/Next Posts Finish simplifying 2010 index.php template.
  45. Mon 10.11.10 The WordPress Loop Understand and implement the WordPress loop
  46. Fri 10.8.10 Freelance Friday Use your web skills to further your freelance career
  47. Thu 10.7.10 The WordPress Loop Use the WordPress loop to display posts
  48. Wed 10.6.10 Creating a Simple WordPress Theme (Day 1) Create the core index, styles, header, footer, and sidebar files
  49. Fri 10.1.10 Freelance Friday Do independent work and research to build your freelance career.
  50. Thu 09.30.10 Custom Category and Tag Templates Create custom templates for articles with specific categories or tags
  51. Wed 09.29.10 Author Template in WordPress Explore the tags and use of the author templates in WordPress
  52. Tue 09.28.10 404, Search, and Custom Loops Hack apart the templates under study today
  53. Mon 09.27.10 WordPress Footer and Sidebar Files Explain the purpose of the footer and sidebar files in WordPress
  54. Fri 09.24.10 Freelance Friday Apply their WordPress skills to other CMSes
  55. Thu 09.23.10 WordPress Header, Sidebar, and Footer Files Explain the purpose and function of the header, sidebar, and footer
  56. Wed 09.22.10 More WordPress Template Files Identify the purpose to the core WordPress template files
  57. Tue 09.21.10 More WordPress Template Hierarchy Understand the purpose of each of the WordPress template files
  58. Mon 09.20.10 WordPress File Heirarchy Explain the purpose and order of the main WordPress template files.
  59. Fri 09.17.10 Freelance Friday Demonstrate how using WordPress can make building web sites easier.
  60. Thu 09.16.10 Chapter 3 of Digging Into WordPress Explain the important points from the 3rd chapter of Digging Into WordPress
  61. Wed 09.15.10 Chapter 2 of Digging Into WordPress Explain the important points from the 2nd chapter of Digging Into WordPress
  62. Mon 09.13.10 Welcome to Digging Into WordPress Write a review of the first chapter of the book
  63. Fri 09.10.10 First freelance friday Explain what is Freelancing and how they plan to take advantage of Freelance Fridays
  64. Wed 09.8.10 Create Your First WordPress Theme Create a simple WordPress theme from scratch
  65. Tue 09.7.10 WordPress Theme Research Identify the major types of WordPress themes
  66. Thu 09.2.10 WordPress Play Day add posts, pages, photos, plugins, and themes to a WordPress site.
  67. Wed 09.1.10 Overview of WordPress - Day 2 Add and activate plugins and themes for their WordPress blog
  68. Tue 08.31.10 Overview of WordPress Add posts, pages, and photo galleries to a WordPress site
  69. Mon 08.30.10 Installing WordPress Install WordPress using Fantastico

Episode 44 - Welcome Back with Online Learning

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