IB ITGS at Springbrook

This IB course covers all sorts of technologies and their affects on society

The Classes

  1. Wed Get Content from Clients and Build Projects Get all the content from your client and build the product
  2. Wed Do research for learning your IT Skill Use your resources to learn the IT skill you need for your project
  3. Tue Introduce Criterion I - Making the Product Make a plan for gathering content from your clients and determine what technology skills you need to learn.
  4. Tue Introduce Criteria H Understand the IB criteria for picking a tech solution to your social problem
  5. Fri Record the First Episode of “Weekly Web Update” Use your tech knowledge and skills to record the first episode of the IT news show.
  6. Thu Finish Criterion G Work with partners to review your Criterion G according to the IB Rubric
  7. Wed Type Criterion G Type up a 3 point criterion G
  8. Tue Start Working on Criteria G Use the IB guide to complete Criteria G for the project.
  9. Fri Choose Roles for Weekly Web Update Choose roles that best suit your interests and talents to produce the Weekly Web Show
  10. Thu Discuss Potential Social Problems for the Project Create a list of potential clients and social problems
  11. Wed Introduce the ITGS Project Brainstorm potential clients for the ITGS Project
  12. Wed Last Day for Web Sites Complete working on your web site
  13. Mon Start Building Your Web Sites Work with your team to start getting your web site built
  14. Thu Movie Friday Watch short circuit and discuss how concepts in the movie relate to our curriculum
  15. Tue Continue Researching Internet Begin testing how to build a web site
  16. Mon Work on Internet Projects Continue doing research on communication technologies and how to build web sites
  17. Thu FInish ITGS Making Network Videos and Continue Internet Research Complete their your videos
  18. Wed Continue Working on Internet Research Understand how to build a simple web page
  19. Tue Start Reserching How to Make Web Sites Build a simple HTML page based on research
  20. Fri Start Movie Friday with Short Circuit Watch Short Circuit and compare technology in the movie to technologies we study in class
  21. Thu Last Day to Work on Videos Complete post production on Network videos
  22. Wed Start Post Production for Network Videos Transfer your videos from the camera to a digital file for post production
  23. Tue Continue Filming Your Movies Have complete footage for the their videos ready for editing.
  24. Mon Start Recording Network Videos Produce a polished video about networks
  25. Fri IT Cafe Discuss the latest in IT news and writeup a report of their findings
  26. Thu Start Recording Network Videos Record a short video on computer networks
  27. Wed Planning Your Network Videos Present completed story boards for your network videos
  28. Tue Creating an Intro to Networks Video Create a video introducing new students to networking
  29. Mon Introduction to Networks Identify types of computer networks and how they work
  30. Fri IT Cafe Connect the latest IT news to IB topics
  31. Thu Computer Confluence - Hardware Explain how hardware in a computer works
  32. Wed Exploded Illustration of Computer Hardware Illustrate the inside of a computer
  33. Mon Computer Hardware Basics Explain how the major hardware components of a computer work together
  34. Fri First IT Cafe Discuss IT related articles from the last two weeks
  35. Wed Research IT Article Resources Post IT articles to the class blog
  36. Tue Introduce the ITGS Triangle Assess an article according to the ITGS triangle.
  37. Thu T versus IT Identify whether a news article is about Technology or Information Technology
  38. Wed Finish ITGS Infographics Create an infographic for "ITGS"
  39. Tue ITGS Infographics Draw an example of an infographic
  40. Mon Introduction to ITGS Explain what ITGS stands for.