Episode 12: The Ultimate Web Student’s Back To School Guide!

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The Ultimate Web Student Back To School Guide, media types in CSS, and Google's releases

Keeping Current In the Class - New structure for Web classes at Springbrook High School, WP for High School Students, Springbrook Web Program, Adv Web Book, College JS class, Dabrook 2.0

Getting Technical - Media types for CSS

What's Current In the Web World - jQuery mobile, Think Vitamin Membership Library, Head First WordPress, Google Voice, Gmail sorting

What's Happening In The Classroom

  1. Dabrook V. 2.0
  2. Contact Springbrook Web Program
  3. Kenny Meyers
  4. Kenny Meyer's Book
  5. Disclaimer: Kenny Meyers did NOT co-author the Development book with Zac Gordon.
  6. EngineHosting

Webucation What?! What?!

  1. An iPad
  2. Engadget Back to School Guide

What's Current In The Web Section

  1. jQuery Mobile
  2. Google Voice
  3. Head First WordPress
  4. Google Priority Mail
  5. Think Vitamin Videos

Recommends Section

Kyle reviews the HTML5 Boiler Plate and Zac goes with Delicious for FireFox.