Episode 13: Pandamonium

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Your hosts Kyle Cotter and Zac Gordon get tormented, we mean, educated, by Kenny Meyers, as they talk about Kenny's past experiences, and Kenny's advice to students and teachers.

Kyle, Zac, and a magical panda Kenny Meyers, discuss branding yourself on the web, designing for multiple devices, WordPress, and the Springbrook web site. Kenny also degrades Kyle Cotter, and destroys his self-esteem. Kenny has to think as we make him reflect on his past.

If your Ryan Irelan, Ryan Masuga, Jeff Croft, 37Signals, and a whole slew of others, Kenny Meyers has some choice words for you.

Kenny is an interesting, sarcastic, funny person and was fun to have on the show!


  1. Kenny Meyers Portfolio
  2. Happy Magic Fun Time
  3. Get Businessing
  4. EE Insider
  5. Virb
  6. Things That Are Brown
  7. 37Signals
  8. Merlin Mann
  9. Python
  10. Did we forget something you wanted? Contact us!


  1. Kenny goes with: 1Password
  2. Zac goes with: http://findmebyip.com/
  3. Kyle goes with: The Kick Awesome Show