Episode 26: Meh

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In this post conference round up we talk about what we learned at the Student Web Conference, get technical with how to build your own Project Management Software, thank our conference sponsors, and recommend some cool stuff.

  • 1:16 Keeping Current in the Classroom
  • 4:00 ExpressionEngine Course
  • 7:45 Sigh for Internship
  • 12:50 Webucation What What
  • 13:30 How a Student Web Conference differs from a Pro one
  • 21:36 Getting Technical - Rolling your own Project Management Software
  • 27:40 Idea for another episode - how to share work with clients
  • 33:00 Praise to the Sponsors of the Student Web Conference
  • 41:00 What's current in the web World? iPhone on Verizon
  • 49:45 Kyle sweats David Desandro windex
  • 51:33 This will make you laugh
  • 53:23 Zac loves BrushLovers.com