Episode 27: Sponsor Us

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In this episode we call some of our favorite well endowed web professionals to help support the growth of our wonderful podcast, now on it's second year. Of course we also cover our normal great content like asking what CodeIgniter app the web devvies should build while learning PHP, how and why to send emails as a Webucator, why you have to use tables to send HTML emails

  • 1:36 Keeping current in the class, drum roll
  • 2:08 Updating an outdated high school web design midterm
  • 4:57 What web app should the web devvies build?
  • 9:10 Tada The ExpressionEngine Course Tada
  • 12:45 Kyle's after someone's beans
  • 16:35 Webucation What What? Sending a webucation newsletter
  • 17:54 Enlighten us
  • 23:15 Getting technical with HTML tables for emails
  • 24:40 Microsoft Word **** Gong
  • 30:20 Save a child, sponsor the show
  • 31:33 With the announcer voice
  • 33:37 Jason Seifer, help us out
  • 34:55 Carsonified We Love You, please sponsor us!
  • 36:41 MailChimp, we want big ones on the show, please sponsor us!
  • 39:20 this* Web Host, you'd be the perfect hosting company
  • 40:24 I'd rather sell out to Dan Benjamin
  • 41:10 Kyle's closing plea to help the kiddies (chewbaca)
  • 42:00 HTML5 really did get a logo?
  • 43:03 Speculations on the next from Apple
  • 46:08 Educational resources for web designers on Smashing Magazine