Episode 29: Too Sexy for My Template

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In this episode we talk about the start of a new semester for web design and development, ask whether we should use templates in a web class, get in depth with the pros and cons of using a template for your portfolio and client sites, go over the latest tech news, and Kyle makes yet another recommendation worth checking out. Thanks to a supporter of the show: Engine Hosting.

  • 0:34 - Let me stop the theme song again
  • 1:13 Keeping current in the classroom
  • 2:48 CodeIgniter is fun, right?
  • 3:45 ♥ Kristina Halvorson ♥
  • 4:53 Running a CMS ExpressionEngine online course
  • 5:18 Drupaal Sevaan Zelman Burn
  • 5:40 Is there anything to talk about in the internship?
  • 6:06 Webucation What Whaaaaaat
  • 6:35 Should you use or teach templates in the classroom?
  • 7:20 What is a template?
  • 9:35 When templates work best
  • 10:34 Templates have no place in an intro web design class
  • 11:00 Kyle's experience learning from templates
  • 13:14 The Internet should be one template
  • 13:48 Gordon's experience with templates
  • 15:56 Getting Technical - Using Templates
  • 17:08 Is it wrong to use template for web business site?
  • 20:56 What's wrong with using templates for your site
  • 25:54 Next topic: Charge hourly or per project?
  • 27:23 Supporter of the Show: Engine Hosting
  • 28:00 What's Current in the Web World?
  • 33:23 Recommends Section: Android Wi Fi Tethering and jQuery Unicorns
  • 34:45 Too Sexy
  • 35:18 Just walk away