Episode 4: cPanemel

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This week we discuss hosting options for clients, useful products for hosting management, IE9, and go over Carsonified's secret new creation.

What's Happening In The Classroom

  1. Dabrook Student Hosting
  2. liquidweb Hosting Company
  3. MediaTemple Hosting Company
  4. Google Apps Free Edition
  5. AreMySitesUp?
  6. Blog Post on top 10 cheap hosting providers

What's Current In The Web Section

  1. SixRevisions: IE9 Article
  2. IE9 Developer Preview
  3. Carsonified's Secret Project
  4. SixRevisions: Good About Page Article

Recommends Section

Zac goes with 1stWebDesigner's Free Template Package, an awesome collection of high quality free templates.

Kyle reviews his new Sennheiser Headphones, his good quality replacement for his broken buds.