The Growing Importance of Web Coding

web coding

A website is a business’s front face. If it looks dated or takes too long to load, customers will leave and the brand’s reputation could suffer damage that is hard to repair. So, it’s no surprise that web coding has become a critical skill for businesses to possess.

But, despite its growing importance, there are still misconceptions about what web development is. For instance, many people assume that web programming is a difficult and complex field that requires a bachelor’s degree to get started. However, coding is one of the fastest growing careers in the US and can be learned on your own through free online learning resources like freeCodeCamp and Khan Academy. You can also attend a web development bootcamp like Berkeley Coding Boot Camp that teaches students the necessary skills to be successful in this field.

Web coding is more than just creating beautiful, user-friendly websites. It involves creating and maintaining a wide range of tech solutions using code, such as social media applications, mobile phone apps, email systems, and more. This is why it’s important for aspiring web developers to have a solid foundation in computer science, math, and other relevant subjects. There are a variety of accredited programs that can help you learn these necessary skills, including free online courses and certificate programs offered by OpenClassrooms and coding bootcamps like Berkeley.

To design a website, web designers use visual tools to create wireframes and mockups to show clients what their finished product will look like. These designs will then be coded by web developers, who turn the designer’s vision into a functioning reality. Web programmers also have the ability to add more functionality to a website by using server side languages such as PHP, Java, and Python.

In addition to their technical know-how, it’s essential for web developers to be able to understand the needs and goals of their client. They often work on teams with other developers and engineers, so strong communication skills are a must. This is especially true when troubleshooting a problem or debating how to approach a new feature.

As the demand for web programmers continues to grow, it’s important for aspiring professionals to consider how their unique skills and experience can add value to a company. More and more employers are starting to value work experience over education, making it easier for someone who has honed their skills in the real world to make a seamless transition into a web developer role.

And because they’re masters of the Internet, it’s no surprise that most web developers love to hang out in online communities where they can connect with like-minded individuals and share best practices. A few of our favorite community resources include GitHub, freeCodeCamp, and Treehouse, which offer a variety of courses on topics such as JavaScript, HTML, and Python. We also recommend checking out Stackoverflow, which is a great resource for answering questions and finding solutions. Whether you’re an aspiring web developer or a seasoned engineering professional, there’s a thriving, active community for everyone in the world of web coding.