Learn the Basics of Web Coding

Web coding refers to the specialized tasks needed to create websites. It includes a variety of technologies that make up the World Wide Web, including HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS (stylesheet language) and JavaScript (scripting language). Web developers can also employ a variety of frameworks, such as Bootstrap, for constructing responsive, mobile-first websites. Web development skills can be acquired through a variety of learning formats, from self-directed research to online code schools and bootcamps.

Despite its complexities and technical nature, web coding is an ideal way to learn a new skill that can have a big impact on your career. The ability to build, design and maintain a website is an essential technology for everyone from small businesses to freelancers, artists, and even those who want to have a presence on social media.

A good place to start when it comes to learning web coding is with a free introductory program or course, such as one from Treehouse, which offers a 5-day, comprehensive, interactive and hands-on introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS. From there, you can progress to more advanced courses that teach the core tenets of web programming, such as building and styling a site with CSS and making it function using JavaScript.

There are many other ways to learn web coding, from using website editing software and tweaking existing template-based websites to inspecting source code from other sites. However, this is a slow and inefficient method that can result in frustrating errors. A much faster, more efficient way to learn is to enroll in a structured web development training program with instructor support and mentorship.

While it’s possible to find a wide range of coding programs on the market, there are some that stand out in terms of their quality, reputation and affordability. Codecademy and a variety of other online code schools have been proven to be effective in getting beginners up and running with web coding, but it’s important to pick the right one for you and your specific learning needs.

As the web becomes increasingly important to commerce, education and culture, a career in web coding is becoming more and more sought-after. As such, it’s more critical than ever that aspiring Developers have a solid understanding of all layers of Web Development. Fluency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and key frameworks like Bootstrap will set you up for a bright future in this highly in-demand profession.