The Basics of Web Coding

The field of coding is vast and has many applications. Coders use a variety of languages to create websites, software and apps. They also use databases to store large volumes of data. Some programmers specialize in front-end or back-end coding while others are more proficient with one particular language. In addition, aspiring coders may wish to learn additional languages to broaden their skillsets.

Web coding is the process of creating and designing a website or web application. The professionals that do this are called web developers. Web coding is the backbone of the Internet, and it is important for any company or organization to have a well-designed, functional website.

While there are a number of different languages that can be used to create a website, the most popular is HTML. Learning to create a basic HTML document is a good way to begin your journey as a web developer. It is also a great foundation to learn more advanced front end web development languages like JavaScript.

HTML is a markup language that is used to create, structure and display Web documents. It communicates instructions to Web browsers on how to interpret a document’s content. These instructions are communicated through tags, which consist of element keywords enclosed in angle brackets. Each tag has an opening and closing tag. For example, the tag p>Paragraph/p> indicates that the paragraph content is to be displayed within a web page.

Almost every website on the Internet is created using HTML. To view the source code of a specific webpage, you can use your browser’s “View Source” feature. To do this, right-click on the page and select the option. This will open a new window with the raw HTML code for that particular webpage.

You will notice that the raw HTML code contains a lot of different tags. This is because each of the elements in a web page must be placed between two tags. The html> tag is the opening tag and /html> is the closing tag. The remaining tags are used to add and modify content.

Aside from HTML, the other primary coding languages used on the web are CSS and JavaScript. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that is used to create, style and format HTML documents. This includes adding colors, changing fonts, defining layouts and more.

JavaScript is a scripting language that provides Web designers and developers with the power to add interactive features to their websites. This can include things such as dropdown menus, animated photo slideshows and automated survey forms. It is also commonly used to create social media apps. JavaScript is a more complex language to learn, but it can provide you with the skills necessary to become an experienced front-end web developer. This is because it uses terminology that is familiar to aspiring coders. For example, it is common to use phrases such as variables, functions and conditionals.